Its time to reclaim birth and Mothering

Imagine feeling self-empowered and confident about your baby’s birth.
Imagine transitioning into motherhood feeling completely connected to your Self.

A woman’s birth experience is one that will transform her as a woman and as a mother, forever. This rite of passage can be the most spiritually transformational event of a woman’s life.


Pregnancy and birth is a sacred union between mother and baby, where both co-create and experience the journey together, as one.

All women are naturally strong and wise birthing women, with an innate ability to connect deeply with their Self and their baby, to co-create a Sacred birthing event.

Birth is natural, it is normal, it is raw, real and wondrous. As a birthing woman, when you access your own feminine divinity; your strength, softness, trust and surrender, you will experience the natural magnificence that this rite of passage offers for you and your baby.

Just as a woman’s heart knows how to pump, her body too knows how to birth her baby.

This deep wisdom is already within you!



"When a pregnant woman sits in complete stillness, grounded with the Great Mother, allowing universal energy to flow through her, she has access to her greatest wisdom, her deepest knowing. This is where her baby guides the way. She is only asked to listen, to trust and to take peace in the unfolding."

Welcome, I’m Bianca Jane

- Sacred Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

I’m a wife, a mother of two, an energy healer, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, a personal development devotee, a ceremonial cacao addict and a lover of life!

Both of my incredible pregnancies resulted in miraculous unplanned freebirths, which completely transformed me in more ways than words can explain. They left me in a wonderous place of rebirth and awe as I experienced the extraordinary divine unfolding that is possible when a deep level of trust, softness, belief, strength and surrender is embodied.

Having experienced the enormity and the magic of pregnancy, birth and Motherhood, a fire was lit deep within my soul to help pregnant women reclaim this rite of passage in their sovereignty.

I now have the honour of guiding women to embody a Sacred, empowered birthing experience, where you feel deeply connected with your Self and your baby, as you transition into the magic of Motherhood.


It is time to allow mothers to birth their babies in their utmost radiance and divinity. In a way that feels empowered, authentic and true for them.

This is a journey of remembering who you truly are.


This is a journey of accessing the deepest parts of yourself and the birthing wisdom that resides within you.


This is a journey of deeply trusting and following your inner guidance, through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


This is a journey of opening and expanding into your divine feminine in every way.


This is why Sacred Birthing and Beyond was created.

It was created for you!


Sacred Birthing and Beyond is a 1:1 in person (in Perth) or online (Zoom) heart-opening and heart-expanding container where we journey together through your pregnancy and postpartum, preparing you for a Sacred birth (whatever that looks and feels like to you) and an empowered transition into motherhood as you remain connected with who you are. Allow me to hold your hand through the most vulnerable, exciting, transformational time of your life.

A space where...

Client Love


Meet some of the women I have had the honour of working with

“It’s so inspiring to see you doing this Bianca! I remember seeing you post the video years back of you birthing your baby at home. I was so inspired and ended up standing in my truth (and firing my ob literally hours before I went into labour) so that I could birth naturally. It was an incredible experience and I have you to thank for the part you played. Seeing that video reminded me how birthing is so empowering for everyone involved (including baby) when the mother aligns with her inner knowing. My little girl is now 2, and I’m so glad her start to life was this experience. She really is a force of nature! You are the perfect person to be guiding women through this journey.”
Donna Preedy
"I've journeyed through two pregnancies closely with Bianca now and both have been transformational in their own ways. Bianca has a gift in reminding you of your own power and guiding you back to your truth. Through gentle techniques, tools, reassurance and understanding, Bianca helps you to clear your 'blocks' and move towards birth and motherhood feeling calm and confident."
Alice E
"'I had a RTT session with Bianca to clear some blocks that I believe may be hindering my fertility journey. Biancas calming presence made the session super enjoyable. After the session I felt extremely relaxed and at peace knowing that I will become pregnant soon. I have looked forward to listening to the recording every night since. It’s super relaxing and I love that my subconscious mind is talking it all in as I fall asleep. I haven’t noticed any fears popping up which is great! Thanks so much Bianca for helping me change my mindset on my fertility!"
Amy B
"'I recently had a session with Bianca to support me with my birth process and I couldn’t recommend her services enough. Bianca has so much knowledge, experience and incredible tools to share with the world. We had an in person rapid transformational (hypnosis) session which brought me so much confidence and eradicated any fears. We also worked on having a calm and positive birth by embracing and trusting the birth process, allowing my body to do what it is designed to do. I also asked Bianca to assist me in having a quicker labour (as my first labour was positive but very long). Birth can no doubt be a challenging time and with the tools I used from Bianca, I ended up embracing my labour in the most calm way possible and clearly her techniques worked wonders as I pushed out my beautiful boy out in 15 just minutes!! There wasn’t even enough time to fill the bath and I caught our little angel in the shower 🥰 Bianca is a warm, beautiful and positive soul and I hope many other ladies get the opportunity to work with her.”
Candice Parkinson
"What I loved about the session: you were very professional but relaxed- I can imagine the idea of hypnosis could be scary for some but you were very calm and I felt certain I could trust you and I wasn’t going to start clucking or anything 😂 😂😂 it felt very ‘normal’ and comfortable to be in a state of hypnosis- I felt very supported and very free to be honest and open- there was no judgement and no attachment and you were very encouraging that everything coming up was valid and useful for the process. I loved your extras- the breathing into the body etc- I feel like that part of me has been quite inflamed for years and nothing I do with food etc changes it- interesting!!!! Honestly, it was all just amazing."
Hannah C

If you’re feeling called to dive deep within your inner wisdom, to bring to life a self-empowered, Sacred birthing experience and a Self-connected transition into Motherhood,

i'm here to weave your magic and walk the path with you.

Let’s connect.

From my heart to yours,

B. xox